Exam Science

Exam Science

CNS As the name suggest the CNS is developed to care Neurological problem as a comprehensive team approach with international standard tertiary referral hospital. CNS is well equipped with latest equipments including in house Multislice C.T. Scan (Siemens) and is headed by a highly qualified well experienced Neurosurgeon & his team of Neurosurgeons, Neurophysicians, Neuroanesthetists & Intensivist to perform highly technical neurosurgery including Endoscopic & Microscopic (minimal invasive) surgery with highest level of professional expertise and sense of responsibility.

Neurology and Neuropshychiatry: It deals with Chronic Neurological problems like headache, migraine, backache and mental disorders by highly qualified and experienced Neuro physicians and Neuro psychiatris

Neuro Surgery Spine
Head Injuries Spinal Injuries
Brain Tumor Lumber/Cervical spondylosis
AVM/Aneurysm Potts Spine
Neuro Endoscopic Surgery Artificial disc/Spinal Implants
Microscopic Neurosurgery Endoscopic Discetomy


We at CNS Hospital committed towards excellent care for Medical services which include :

Orthopedic Care:

CNS is a tertiary care center designed to provide the highest levels of professional expertise and patient care in India. CNS has a separate orthopedic wing well equipped for Trauma Care. This wing is headed by a highly experienced and qualified Ortho Surgeon and a team of Ortho Specialist to provide total Bone Care.

Surgical / Medical ICU

CNS Neurosurgical ICU bears a very pleasant and aesthetic look. The design was created keeping in mind of infection control, patient comfort and ease of providing critical care, nursing care and the functional requirement of the unit. All patient's bed are equipped with multi channel monitoring system which allow close monitoring of the patient both from the bed side and the central nursing station and use of a variety of invasive and non-invasive modalities including ventilator support. The patient's bed are totally motorized for enhanced patient comfort and care it is also equipped with CSF pressure monitoring system and bed sideABG ANALYZER, a basic requirement of neurosurgical ICU

Diagnostic Centre

High quality daignostics are an imperative for better treatment and patient care.Expert technician and state-of-the-art daignostic equipment are constantly providing best care so the legacy of excellence to ensure the accuracy and timelines of test results


  • Haematology lab
  • Biochemistry lab
  • 500 MA high end digital x-ray machine
  • CT Scan (multislice with minimum imaging time)
  • MRI Scan ( silent quick scan)