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First Aid for Seizures: What to Do And Not to Do

Medical emergencies come anytime, anywhere. The time between emergency situations & the arrival of medical help is critical. The key begins with staying calm & giving first-aid before help arrives. There are some must-know Do’s and Don’ts in common emergencies.


Seizures: What is it?

Seizure is abnormal electric activity in the brain caused reasons like epilepsy, head injury, low blood sugar, heat stroke, poisoning or sudden cardiac arrest.

How to recognize Seizures?

Signs of seizure differ like sudden loss of muscle control, jerky movements of arms, legs and other parts of body, fall to the ground, loss of responsiveness, clenching of teeth with foaming at the mouth, loss of bowel or bladder control.

What to Do If Seizures Occurs?

  1. Stay Calm

  2. Prevent patient from falling on the ground

  3. Remove any sharp or hard material in vicinity

  4. Loosen clothing & support the head by a small pad /towel

  5. After a seizure check if the person is responsive & breathing: Roll the person to a side lying position

  6. Start CPR if person becomes unconscious & stops breathing or is only gasping

Not to Do If Seizures Occurs

  1. Give anything to drink or eat

  2. Put any spoon or any sharp object in mouth

  3. Make patient smell pungent or rotten materials

  4. Restrict jerky movement

  5. Gag the mouth

Alarming Facts For Seizures

  1. There is one death every 4 minutes in India due to road accidents

  2. A person suffers a brain stroke, every 4 minutes

  3. A person dies every 33 seconds due to heart attack in India

Over 70,000 lives can be potentially saved if bystanders come forward to help

Lend a helping hand with the law by your side

As per the Good Samaritan Law –

  1. You will NOT BE LIABLE for any civil or criminal action for any injury or death of the victim

  2. If you inform police or emergency service regarding an injured person you CAN NOT BE COMPELLED to reveal your personal details

  3. There is provision of DISCIPLINARY ACTION AGAINST public officials who coerce Good Samaritan to reveal personal details

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